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Bryce Berkowitz

Writer. Professor.


Bryce Berkowitz is a poet, fiction writer, screenwriter, and cattle dog owner. 


His TV pilot, MEADERVILLE, won the Austin Film Festival's AMC TV Pilot Award. His pilot, RIVER RATS, was named a Top 20 Drama for the Austin Film Festival's AMC TV Pilot Award. Both scripts were named Top 20 of the Year on Coverfly. He's a two-time finalist for the NBC TV Writers' Program, a finalist for the ScreenCraft TV Fellowship, Big Apple (NYC) Film Festival, Script Lab, Roadmap Writers' Top 5 Finalist, among other awards and distinctions.

His first collection of poems, Bermuda Ferris Wheel, won the 42 Miles Press | Indiana U. Poetry Award. His poems have been selected for national and regional anthologies, including Best New Poets, New Poetry from the Midwest, and A Flame Called Indiana. He is a recipient of the Illinois Emerging Writers | Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award, the Big Muddy Short Story Award, and, with a music-poem project available for streaming to your right, he was a finalist for The Missouri Review's Miller Audio Prize. His writing has appeared in The Sewanee Review, The Missouri Review, Chicago Sun Times, Ninth Letter, Southern Indiana Review, and other publications.

Bryce is at work on two dark-comedy crime novels, several TV pilots and feature-length screenplays, and a second poetry collection. He is a professor at Butler University. Prior to academia, he worked as a literary assistant in Los Angeles. Prior to that, he waited tables, bartended, and booked touring hip hop acts for five years. For a large part of his youth, he painted graffiti, made music, and skateboarded. He's a sucker for subcultures, working-class stories, and old movies. He attended Columbia College Chicago, UCLA, and West Virginia University.


Listen to me read a poem to music below:

Hepburn_Manor_Los_Angeles_by_Bryce_BerkoBryce Berkowitz
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Select Awards/Publications


  • MEADERVILLE (TV Pilot) - crime dramedy, thriller

  • Austin Film Festival, AMC TV Pilot Award winner

    • Coverfly Top 20 Dramas of the Year​

    • Coverfly Top 50 Thrillers of the Year

    • NBC TV Writers' Program, Top 10 finalist

    • The Script Lab, finalist

    • Austin Film Festival, One-Hour TV Drama Award, semi-finalist

    • Austin Film Festival, Warner Bros. Pilot Award, semi-finalist

    • ScreenCraft TV Fellowship, semi-finalist

    • Titan Awards, Industrial Scripts, quarterfinalist

    • Stage 32 TV Drama Contest, semi-finalist

    • Big Apple Film Festival, semi-finalist and honorable mention

    • Tracking Board Launch Pad, second rounder

    • Logline available on Coverfly

  • RIVER RATS (TV Pilot) - crime drama, coming of age

  • ScreenCraft Fellowship, finalist, Top 25

    • Coverfly Top 20 Dramas of the Year

    • NBC TV Writers' Program, Top 10 finalist

    • Austin Film Festival, AMC TV Pilot Award, semi-finalist, Top 20

    • Roadmap Writers Jumpstart, finalist, Top 5

    • Austin Film Festival, One-Hour Drama Award, semi-finalist, Top 20

    • Tracking Board Launch Pad, second rounder

    • Logline available on Coverfly

  • IMAGINARY FRIENDS (TV Pilot) - adult animation, dark comedy

  • NBC TV Writers' Program, Top 10 finalist

  • Big Apple Film Festival, finalist

  • Austin Film Festival, second rounder

  • WeScreenplay TV Lab, quarterfinalist

  • ScreenCraft TV Pilot, quarterfinalist

  • ScreenCraft Animation, quarterfinalist

  • Logline available on Coverfly

  • THE MINOR GODS OF WEST VIRGINIA  (TV Pilot) - crime dramedy

  • NBC TV Writers' Program, Top 10 finalist 

  • ScreenCraft TV Writing Fellowship, quarterfinalist

  • Stage 32 TV Writing Contest, quarterfinalist

  • Logline available on Coverfly



    Hybrid: Creative Writing Meets Professional Writing 

  • "In Doubt." The Laurel Review 

  • "Everything is So Sun-Drenched and Awful." The Laurel Review *Pushcart Prize Nomination

  • “Broad Ripple, Toxic Masculinity, & The Uber Driver That Asked About the Snow.” The McNeese Review

  • “Dear Standard Parts of a Workplace Letter—the hell do you know(?).” The McNeese Review


  • “My Mother Made Popcorn in a Casserole Dish.” Permafrost

  • “Hello, Chicago.” Chicago Sun Times

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