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My name is Bryce Berkowitz and I write fiction and poetry. I dabble in nonfiction and screenwriting too, but less so. I was born and raised in Carbondale, Illinois, and now I reside in Indiana. In the last ten years, I have lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, West Virginia, and Montana. I am a teacher, although I have been a server, bartender, grocery store bagger, hip hop promoter, barista, emcee, telemarketer (for 3.5 days), busboy, sign maker, gas station clerk, janitor, social media PR/marketer for a production arm at CBS, a script reader for an acquisitions firm at NBC, an editor at a small book press, a web copywriter at a storytelling cooperative, and a talent/reality TV assistant at a TV/Film management production company in Beverly Hills. I have also optioned the film rights to a young adult novel, pitched it to film studios, and worked in as a literary assistant at Agency for the Performing Arts, where I gained extensive experience working with professional communication, book-to-film adaptions, providing creative notes to screenwriters, and script sales. I spent much of my youth involved with graffiti, hip hop, and skateboarding. These subcultures were doorways that introduced me to reading and writing. Prior to finding these outlets, I didn't care much for school. I dropped out of college. Now, I teach at a college. And it's the best job I've ever had. Feel free to check out my work below and send me a message if you would like to say hi.

Professional Bio...

Bryce Berkowitz's first book of poems, Bermuda Ferris Wheel, was selected by David Dodd Lee as the winner of the 42 Miles Press | Indiana U. Poetry Award (forthcoming 2021). His poems have been selected for national and regional anthologies, including Best New Poets (2017), New Poetry from the Midwest (2019), as well as the Illinois Emerging Writers | Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award (2017). His fiction recently won the Big Muddy | Southeastern Missouri State U. Short Story Competition (2020). He received his MFA in Creative Writing from West Virginia University.

His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Sewanee Review, Ninth Letter, Passages North, Third Coast, The Pinch, Nashville Review, the minnesota review, Yemassee, Poet Lore, Gulf Stream, Tampa Review, Barrow Street, Permafrost, Salt Hill, Hot Metal Bridge, Permafrost, The Laurel Review, Barely South Review, The Southampton Review, and other publications.

He has taught at West Virginia University, where he received the Eberly College Outstanding Teaching Award, and Montana Technological University, where he was nominated for two teaching awards. Currently, he teaches at Butler University.  


Book and Chapbook Honors

  • Bermuda Ferris Wheel | 42 Miles Press Poetry Award Winner | Indiana University, 2019, forthcoming 2021

    • New Issues | Poetry Prize, Semi-Finalist

    • Four Way Books | Levis Prize in Poetry, Finalist

    • OSU Press, The Journal | Wheeler Prize for Poetry, Semi-Finalist

  • Midwest Mix: Boskydell Bombs | Black River Chapbook Contest, Black Lawrence, Semi-Finalist

Select Publications

    Poetry From Bermuda Ferris Wheel, forthcoming

  • "Boulder, Colorado, 1989." Sierra Nevada Review

  • "This is West Virginia, Not Los Angeles, and All of a Sudden I Feel Old." Sierra Nevada Review

  • “It Always Does.” Salt Hill *Pushcart Prize Nomination

  • “Feeling Out of Place at Home.” Chicago Quarterly Review 

  • “What Remains.” Bayou Magazine 

  • “I’d Rather Not Say.” Sugar House Review 

  • “Summertime Chi.” Appalachian Heritage 

  • “We Don’t Take Breaks, We Just Break.” Kestrel

  •  “After You Almost Divorced Your Husband.” Permafrost 

  • “The Irrationality of Anger.” Pembroke Magazine

  • “Thank You, Forgiveness.” Best New Poets (2017) *Selected by Natalie Diaz

  • “Just Once.” Ninth Letter

  • “Concessions.” Third Coast 

  • “Apple Orchard Road.” San Pedro River Review 

    Poetry: Uncollected

  • "How Long Has It Been?" The Meadow *Pushcart Prize Nomination

  • "Illustrating Emily." Hawai'i Pacific Review

  • "During a Very Difficult Transition." Flyway

  • “Whoever You Love I Hate & Whoever You Hate I Love.” The Fourth River 

  • “My Mother is Texting Me About God, Again.” Barrow Street 

  •  “Dirty Dancing Saves The World.” The Laurel Review

  •  “Stay Off My Plate.” The Southampton Review 

  • “We Have Problems.” Hobart 

  • “Waking Up.” Hobart 

  • “The Birthday Gift.” Hobart 

  • “Palm Tree Sparklers.” Badlands Literary Journal 

  • “Skylark.” Permafrost

  • “Soul Searching In a Peach Orchard.” Hawai’i Pacific Review 

  • “Boys Will B-Boy.” Passages North 

  • “Walk Among Men on State and Chicago.” Tampa Review

  • “In the Hive, Again.” Eleven Eleven 

  • “The World Outside in Bloom.” Watershed Review

  • “Portrait of a Hustler with a Sunflower.” Watershed Review 

  • “What Does My America Look Like?” Permafrost

  • “Three Girls in a Drive-by Shooting.” The Pinch 

  • “California: The New American Dust Bowl.” The Pinch

  • “I Promise To Leave Old Dreams in L.A.” San Pedro River Review 

  • “The Day the Mine Exploded.” Evansville Review

  • “Get Rid of My Skin.” Tulane Review 

  • “A Son’s Worry.” Naugatuck River Review

  • “Fleeing Germany.” Oyez Review

  • “A Kind of Freedom.” Badlands Literary Journal 

  • “Michael Jordan Slippers: A Modern Cinderella.” Kentucky Review


  • "Payback for Mongoose Charlie.": First prize winner of the Big Muddy | Southeastern Missouri State U. Short Story Competition 

  • “Stitch.” Permafrost 

  • “American Nocturne.” Noctua Review

  • “Blood of Raisins.” Pif Magazine 


    Hybrid: Creative Writing Meets Professional Writing 


  • “My Mother Made Popcorn in a Casserole Dish.” Permafrost

  • “Hello Chicago.” Chicago Sun Times



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